SL Registry Membership

Welcome to SL Registry!

The mission of documenting as many R107 as possible is not an easy one!  We ask you to support our efforts by purchasing a membership. We offer a 2-week, 1 month and a 1-year subscription rate. With a 1-month and 1-year subscriptions, you’ll get  weekly updates of new cars added to the database and other newsworthy items.  With the 1 Year membership.

The Basic Membership will allow you to search the database and as well as submitting your car, street sightings and URLs. The Basic Membership does not allow you to view detail records

The SL Registry is doing a soft launch of our new website with our searchable database.  Until June 15th we are offering a free 1 week membership.

Level Price  
Soft Launch Free Week Free Select
2 Week $5.00 Select
1 Month $10.00 Select
1 Year $35.00 Select
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